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Value homz group  help in managing the property and any related services. We represent the clients in handling everyday operations pertaining to real estate properties. We help in screening the tenants, collecting rent as well as maintaining the property.

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The real estate market is in a continuous web of change and the position of the real estate consultants is almost becoming indispensable. Their experience ranges from performing transactions related to property, analysing the market and producing the representation of valuation to the buyer and the seller. They utilise their expertise and knowledge and sieve through the real estate world with ease. The real estate consultants, therefore, are like a link between a regular investor, an experienced buyer and an interested seller. They ensure that their link is stable and free flowing

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We strive to provide investors with the best returns possible because we maximize their hard-earned money.

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We also promote large and pre-rental residences as well as provide conceivable joint recommendations that keep speculators' security and profit prospects constantly up-to-date.

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Maintaining a continuous and transparent link between investors and investees is crucial for building trust and facilitating effective communication. Keeping investors informed about available opportunities is also key to ensuring they make well-informed decisions.

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We successfully deliver our services and this is the reason why we are counted in the top real estate in Delhi NCR. Serving with excellence is what we are best known for.

How the Market works - An In depth Understanding with Research & Analysis

The job of the real estate consultants is to have an eagle eyed view on the trends in the market. This gives consultants an understanding of the prevailing situation. Data analysis, valuation of property,

Valuation of Property

The most important step in the real estate sector is to analyse the fair market value of the related property. The in depth knowledge of the real estate consultants helps to ascertain the comparable sales and the trends in the market. It also helps to assess how the property will be valued.

How the buyer is represented

The real estate consultants help the buyers to negotiate the right terms and also understand the right procedure for purchase or sale of a property. The consultants also take care that the buyer's interest is protected while the transaction is on.

How the seller is represented

As for the sellers their sale is enhanced by the timely advice given by these real estate consultants. Thus the potential buyers are always well informed about the market trends. This enables them to negotiate well. The real estate consultants also handle the staging and the presentation of the property.

How the Investors are guided

The investors are in tandem with the real estate consultants thus ensuring a profit margin. Though the returns on investment are good one should also keep an eye on the risks involved. Finally, the consultants also guide in management of property.

Experience in Legal and Finance

Transactions in real estate sector have some legal and financial angle too. The consultants help the clients to comprehend the options available in finance, the effects of tax related matters and also the obligations that are involved in a contract. This takes care of any fatal mistakes and helps reduce them.

How the Negotiation is done

The consultants are skilled in the art of negotiating hence they are experts in determining the best ventures. Any help regarding drafting agreements, negotiating favourable deals for the sellers as well as the buyers is all managed by the real estate consultants.

Prudence and Hard work

When it comes to a real estate deal, hard work and patience is a key factor. The real estate consultants look through any issue with the concerned property and any liability involved. This enables the customers in taking the right decision.